As a rule these services will not be remunerated or paid for by the legal medical insurers. However there are individual medical insurers who do pay for acupuncture, for example, in the case of certain medical conditions.


If, on the other hand you have private additional medical insurance for the employment of an alternative medicine practitioner then it will be possible for the services to be remunerated. What is crucially important in such a case is the professional nomenclature of the alternative medicine practitioner in the insurance agreements and not the doctor or others.


In the case of services for privately insured patients or those with professional pension funds for civil servants I calculate the charges according to the GebüH (the schedule of charges for alternative medicine practitioners). In the majority of cases this will cover almost all of the costs.


Persons paying on a private basis will be invoiced by me according to the same scale of charges of the GebüH. Members of the Artabana Deutschland Solidargemeinschaft are more than welcome.


Should you have any further questions then I will reply to these on an individual basis.


The fee for treatment runs according to the time involved. For example an initial anamnesis (approx. 90 minutes) will cost 100 euro. Treatment on an hourly basis will be charged for at 60 euro per hour.