Gentle movement for body, mind and soul


Qi Gong is a further pillar of traditional medicine. Its target is an even flow of energies in the body and the opening of the energy channels. In this way the matching chemistry of Qi can function gently and without hindrance it can flow through all 12 meridians within one day (the organ clock). Qi Gong as practiced by me in particular serves for the reinforcement of the ligament sinews and muscles. By means of these exercises we can strengthen the immune system and the physical and psychological bodies as well as preventing many of the manifestations of aging.



Daoists predicate Tai Chi with the “highest degree of infinity”. This is where the original form of Yin and Yang resides. Tai Chi Chuan or Chinese shadow boxing is a form of movement which belongs to the groups of internal martial arts. The 13-form of the Yang style is extremely compact and embodies all the basic principles of the forms of tai chi such as the concentration of mind and chi as well as relaxation through movement, fullness and the ability to discriminate between fullness (yang) and the void (yin).

I provide solo instruction of the 13-form. Please inquire about current dates.

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