This classical Chinese therapy method: tried and trusted for more than a thousand years can provide human beings with a pathway to health and wellbeing. In the meantime there are a variety of approaches and refinements of differing nuances, many of which are familiar and frequently practiced, also in the western world. In my particular practice you will principally encounter acupuncture, Chinese ‘nutritional methods and consultancy as well as Chi Nei Tsang (detoxification and massage of organs).


Our health, whether physical or mental is of crucial significance to our wellbeing and healing. It is my personal intention to reveal to you to a major extent the ways and means via which you will be able to attain a major degree of inner balance and health. Chinese medicine offers a wide spectrum of possibilities…


Acupuncture is but one of these treatment methods. This in particular exercises regulation of your “Qi“ energy on the so-called meridians (energy courses) in the body. In cases of illness it is often a fact that the balance of the Qi is disturbed, whereby it may be possible to restore this with acupuncture.


The first step is to carry out a 90-minute anamnesis the findings of which are recorded according to the criteria of Chinese medicine. After this I determine the diagnosis and decide upon the treatment strategy. Then, in collaboration with these the treatment can begin. As a rule I am then in a position to estimate the length of the individual treatment.

Indications for acupuncture can be:

Pain in general and back pains
Joint problems
Acute and chronic cold infections
Hay fever and other allergies
Childhood desires
Auto-immune infections such as MS or Parkinson’s disease