Acupuncture is a form of treatment in use in China for thousands of years, also increasingly used in the west, for the reinstatement of health. The energy flow of so-called meridians (energy courses), whereby the energy flow of the Qi can be influenced at certain points. Illness often means an imbalance of the Qi which can be reinstated via acupuncture. Don’t be afraid that the needles will be painful! In ancient China a variety of instruments such as fish bones, were used in acupuncture: such days are long since of the past since sterilized steel needles are nowadays the order of the day.


Nutritional consultancies (Chinese dietetics) are an essential and central element of Chinese medicine. These are preliminary prerequisites to treatment via energetic procedures such as acupuncture. Because everything that we eat and drink already and inevitably have a therapeutic effect on the body.


Relationships between couple and sexuality are of particular significance for our psychological and physical equilibrium. If these areas of our life are in harmony and are fulfilled then a state of good health can be predicated. I offer counselling on partnership matters as well as on sexuality